Yasuharu Okochi

From age 3 to18, Yasuharu Okochi was raised studying classical piano. Very early on, Okochi became fascinated with electro-pop music from the UK, especially the production team Stock Aitken Waterman, and his love for music expanded beyond the world of classical piano. He began his personal exploration of the links between music, fashion, and the aesthetics of cinema.

Okochi believes the essential task of creating music is to delight people. Convinced that working with music is fundamentally about entertainment, he taught himself music production and took a job on the Tokyo production team for the TV series Pokémon. Using the experience he gained in the entertainment industry, he became an independent musician and producer in 2006. He now focuses his creative energies on producing music and sound designs for cafes, restaurants, salons, and events. He also works as a sound stylist for weddings, parties, and receptions. Sound and music are central to how he communicates with people and interacts with objects and ideas. For Okochi, the harmony found in sounds can be used to harmonize concepts, people, and places. Working from this conviction, he creates sound environments that augment the emotions and experiences people have in relation to a given space.

He is also collaborating on ambitious international projects including sound design for the Tokyo 2050 exhibition at Paris Prêt-à-Porter, and a video installation labeled “Fubuki” at DesignMiami/Basel in Switzerland. Since 2016 he has also served as an adjunct lecturer at the culinary school L’ecole Vantan teaching about the relationship between food, space, and sound. Educating others has become a new frontier for his life’s work exploring all the areas where people’s lives intersect with the sound environments that are built around them.

Yasuharu Okochi

3歳から18歳までクラシックピアノを学び、小学生でDead or Aliveに夢中に。その後、クラシックピアノのみならず、広く音楽への深い愛情が生まれたことから、独自に音楽とファッション、音楽と映像美を探求。
「音」や「音楽」を中心にすえて「ヒト」「モノ」「コト」に触れ合う中、コンセプト、場所、人、そして音との調和こそがその空間での人々の経験や感情を左右することを確信し、バランスを俯瞰で見ることに注力し日々、 音空間と向き合っている。
また、パリプレタポルテでのNext Gen City「Tokyo」サウンドデザイン、 スイスDesignMiami/Baselでの映像インスタレーション「FUBUKI」とのコラボレーションなど、海外での活動も意欲的に取り組んでいる。
また、2016 より、食の専門学校 レコールバンタンの「食と空間音楽の関係」の講師として、「教えるコト」を新しいライフワークとし、活動の場を広げている。

Yasuharu Okochi


Sound Couture Plus is a complementary line of services from Sound Couture that goes beyond the sound to encompass the total experience of events and parties. We offer services such as concept visualizations, videography, event logo design, and more. After consulting with organizers, we create a unified, memorable experience by layering an event’s concept, image, design, logo, movies, music, and DJs.

Sound Couture Plus は、音だけでなく、映像や、コンセプトヴィジュアル、イベントのロゴデザインなど、イベントやパーティーをトータルでデザインするために生まれたSound Couture の ブラザーラインです。
パーティーや、イベントの 「コンセプト」「イメージ」「デザイン」「ロゴ」「ミュージック」「ムービー」「DJ」全てがレイヤーし、イメージを統一をすることで、より印象的な空間をクリエイトします。

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